Bump Box – Stage your Drag Car

The Bump Box

The Bottne Racing Electronics Bump Box is our staging tool for drag cars equipped with a transbrake.

Stage however you want with our Bump Box

Choose between Bumping or Creeping functions on up to two momentary bump switches. Bumping means to disable the transbrake for a preset amount of time and hardness, while creeping allows you to creep forward while you push the switch and release when you’re staged.

Pulse Width Modulation

PWM for short, this feature allows you to set the hardness of bumps. It works by allowing an amount of current to the transbrake during a bump via very fast on-off switching. When the transbrake “sees” some current, it doesn’t release the transbrake fully. Since the transbrake is not completely disengaged, this technique can produce a drastically softer bump, leading to less rocking on the starting line. Our Bump Box can set the bump and creep power from 0 – 100%. Full Control!

Simple Operation

  1. Choose the function of your switches – Bump or Creep
  2. For bump, set bump time and power. For creep, set creep power.
  3. Done!

Electrical Specifications

  • Rated for 22 Amps constant current – No need for a relay
  • Fully compatible with 16V systems.

Further info

To get more information contact us at facebook or send an email to contact@bottne.racing. See you on the track!