Just Bumping around? Give the Creep feature a try!

A Bump Box used in drag racing has one job: it helps you accurately stage your car. It does this by releasing the transbrake of your transmission for very short periods of time, between 100 – 500 ms. Each bump you make moves your vehicle forward in the staging lights. Once you’re staged where you want, the job of the bump box is done.

Those sharp bumps get you staged as deep as you like, but can cause a major issue: rocking the car. Even with two configurable bump sizes behind two switches, the car may end up rocking on the line. You do not want to rock on the starting line.

On your way to stable staging

A line lock can be used to reduce rocking on the line. There are different types of line locks, but they all allow you to control where brake pressure is applied. They’re usually solenoids controlled that can be controlled electrically, much like a transbrake. Using one while bumping will slow down the bumps you initiate, and cause your car to rock less on the line.

But what if the transbrake was driven smoother from the beginning, with smaller and more frequent bumps? That’s the option we’re bringing you now, called Creep mode. With Creep mode, the bump box keeps giving the car lots of small bumps as long as you hold down your creep switch. The car moves with reduced jerk, and more stability. Once you’re staged, just let go of the creep switch, and you’re set. You can still use a line lock together with Creep mode if you like the added resistance.

Creep mode is a standard setting available in all our 2019 bump boxes, allowing you to stage just the way you like. With two completely configurable switch inputs, you can even combine bumping with creeping. Get in touch with Artturi here to order yours today!

New Video

Here’s a video of the new Bump Boxes current user interface. You can set two different bump lengths, for each button used. The video is a bit slow so feel free to skip parts.

The screen lock is there to make sure that vibration or an accidental press doesn’t change your settings. If you have any questions just contact us at contact@bottne.racing, and we will happily help you.

The next version of the Bump Box is coming along, so you can control your T-Brake no matter if it’s a 2-wire or 1-wire.

Summer Development

It’s summer and race season for all the drag racers out there!

We’re continuing to develop the bump box according to driver feedback, and I’m happy to announce that we’ll be bringing out a “positive switching” model for anyone with a 1-wire transbrake. This means that no matter what kind of transbrake you have installed on your transmission, you’ll be set with a Bump Box from us.

Here’s one of Ossi’s runs (at 7:13:00) using a Bottne Bump Box from the Nitro Nationals at Alastaro circuit a few weeks back. Click here to read more about what our Bump Box can do for you.

Measuring Fuel Consumption

We have a special kind of unit for monitoring fuel levels and consumption coming up. It will be directed at endurance track racers and anyone else who needs to keep a keen eye on fuel used. We’re looking at enabling later refuels with more confidence. Find us on facebook here!


Bump Box featured in V8-Magazine!

Summer is getting close and what a suitable time to have our Bump Box featured in V8-Magazine, the most popular american car and drag racing magazine in Finland.

Bump Box was featured in the March edition of V8-magazine
Featured in this edition!

Featured in V8

V8-Magazine or ‘veekasi’ in Finnish has been operating for close to 40 years, and is unique in it’s popularity in Finland. It is a showcase for all kinds of american car builds both internationally and in Finland.

Our Bump Box is our solution to staging your drag car. A simple-to-use tool at a competitive price. It features up to two bump lengths to set. You can adjust PWM frequency to soften your bumps or set buttons to move the car as long as your hold the button. Check it out for yourself here!

Big thanks to our customer Ossi Oikarinen for his help, you can find him and his car on twitter.

Test website live and under development!


Who are you?

We provide components for your race vehicle to ultimately give you more control and information of your vehicle.  We’re focused on delivering reliable race car electronics at a competitive price.


What is this site for?

The site will provide:

  • Information about our products.
  • Installation instructions and user manuals for our products.
  • A platform for us to ask you questions and vice versa.

What do you sell?

Our Bump Box is the solution to accurately staging your drag car. It is meant for transmissions equipped with a transbrake solenoid. For more info click here (soon).

Currently we’re focusing on just the Bump Box, but later this spring there will be at minimum a prototype run of a universal fuel gauge available.

What else?

The page is still under development and some stuff you expect may be missing or invalid. Drop a comment to let us know if you find anything.