Just Bumping around? Give the Creep feature a try!

A Bump Box used in drag racing has one job: it helps you accurately stage your car. It does this by releasing the transbrake of your transmission for very short periods of time, between 100 – 500 ms. Each bump you make moves your vehicle forward in the staging lights. Once you’re staged where you want, the job of the bump box is done.

Those sharp bumps get you staged as deep as you like, but can cause a major issue: rocking the car. Even with two configurable bump sizes behind two switches, the car may end up rocking on the line. You do not want to rock on the starting line.

On your way to stable staging

A line lock can be used to reduce rocking on the line. There are different types of line locks, but they all allow you to control where brake pressure is applied. They’re usually solenoids controlled that can be controlled electrically, much like a transbrake. Using one while bumping will slow down the bumps you initiate, and cause your car to rock less on the line.

But what if the transbrake was driven smoother from the beginning, with smaller and more frequent bumps? That’s the option we’re bringing you now, called Creep mode. With Creep mode, the bump box keeps giving the car lots of small bumps as long as you hold down your creep switch. The car moves with reduced jerk, and more stability. Once you’re staged, just let go of the creep switch, and you’re set. You can still use a line lock together with Creep mode if you like the added resistance.

Creep mode is a standard setting available in all our 2019 bump boxes, allowing you to stage just the way you like. With two completely configurable switch inputs, you can even combine bumping with creeping. Get in touch with Artturi here to order yours today!

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